Thursday, 25 August 2011


With the Summer sadly coming to an end, it is time - if you haven't already - to shove your bikini to the back of the drawer and firmly be thinking about what to wear this Autumn/Winter. As the rain sets in and the days darken earlier, you may well be looking forward to pulling on your cosiest jumper and pulling up your favourite wooly socks; but think again. Be prepared to don some lace and leather as the A/W catwalks came over with a Fetish fever this year. Don't worry, I'm not talking 'Fetish' as in edible underwear, but suggestive sheer panels, black lace and leather are the subtlest ways to wear the trend.

Designer Look:

Top Left: Alexander McQueen Autumn/Winter Collection '11.
Top Right: Giles Autumn/Winter Collection '11.
Bottom: Stella McCartney Autumn/Winter Collection '11.

Whip yourself in to a fetish frenzy with these high-street items...
High-Street Look:

Top Left: Poppy PU Panel Mini Dress, Aqua. £88.00
Top Right: Shell Top with Rubberised Lace, ASOS. £30.00
Bottom Left: Jersey Faux Leather Panel Bodycon Skirt, Topshop. £32.00
Bottom Right: Black Faux Leather Bustle Back Dress, 'Dress Up' Topshop. £50.00


As much as I would love to cling on to the 'student' title for at least another year, I graduated last month and have waved goodbye to my amazing student days. With this, I have also waved goodbye (with tears in my eyes) to Student Discount; and whilst I know deep down that I am no longer entitled to it, I can't seem to shake the instinctive deducting of 10% whilst browsing around my regular haunts of Urban Outfitters and Topshop. The "oh it's £60....but only £54 with Student Discount!" days are gone.  That pretty dress really is now £60 and those shoes that are essential for your weekend really are £75.

No budging.
No -10%.

As if this cruel jolt back in to the real world of paying full price wasn't bad enough, the real kick in the teeth then comes at the till when I still get asked if I have student discount. The perk of paying less is not the only element of being a student I miss. I miss my independence of living away from home and my amazing, not-so-normal housemates who made my three years living in Manchester unforgettable. I miss the 30 second walk to the cocktail bar at the end of my road and stepping over 'Crazy Bus Lady' on the occasional times that she fell asleep in our doorway.

I miss Manchester in general and whilst being back at home with no bills, no nightmare neighbours, and most importantly... no rodent lodgers is nice for a short time; it's wearing thin. It appears that returning to live with your parents after 3 years away is no easy task.

My housemate and I formed a plan upon leaving Uni; we agreed to both look for jobs in Manchester and live together if successful. Although that idea may look bleak at the moment with no success on the job hunt, I am still standing by it. I am determined to find a job and move back to Manchester as soon as possible. Plus, the satisfaction of earning a wage would soon heal the pain of no more student discount!

So, my POA for today: apply, apply, and apply some more for jobs in Manchester! Wish me luck.

Model Mondays

My Monday evenings are always brightened up with a weekly dosage of Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model (BINTM). With the fabulous clothes, gorgeous Elle, testing photoshoots, bitchy contestants and Julien's hilarious quips and one-liners "She's going to be crying tonight, poor cow", what's not to love?

This week was a double eviction and I was glad to see Amy and Holly leave the competition. It was becoming increasingly uncomfortable watching Amy's photoshoots and when she interviewed The Wanted in the last episode, and called them 'The Wanting', I had to mute the television because of the cringe-factor. I was literally hiding behind a cushion for her... poor cow.

Next for the firing line in my opinion should be Tanya. I would not allow her to be Britain's Next Top Model purely for the awful tattoos she has plastered across every limb of her body. Also, that bowl hair-cut she's been given is shocking!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


For as long as I can remember there has only ever been one man for me.
Step forward, David Beckham.

The man is perfection personified. A god in my eyes, future husband in my mind... (he just hasn't met me yet!). I have stuck by his dodgy hair-do's and fashion choices - even that sarong - and shunned any infidelity rumours.

And now, on 24th August 2011, I choose to put this photo down to a bad angle, lousy camera and unfortunate lighting....

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Body Armour

Don some body armour and adorn your hands in these chained, metal beauties. The easiest way to toughen up an outfit and the perfect accessory to your LBD.

ASOS Hinged Metal Armour Ring - £10.00

Vivienne Westwood Armour Ring - £150.00

Fannie Schiavoni Scale Detail Chain Glove - £245.00

ASOS 3 Finger Chains Hand Harness - £12.00

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Kitten heel crazy

The saying ‘what goes around comes around’ could not be more accurate in the case of fashion as we welcome back the kitten heel to the forefront of our shelves. But will we be welcoming them back to the fore of our wardrobes?

I have never been a fan of the kitten heel and have always considered them the ugly step-sister of the heel family. Despite being a tall 5’9”, nothing makes me feel instantly more confident than slipping in to my highest pair of Kurt Geiger’s. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the stunted kitten heel. On a recent shopping trip I found myself staring horror in the face when I staggered upon the most unsightly pair of pale pink ‘kittens’. However, when challenged by friends to face my fear and slip one shoe on, I accepted... and instantly regretted it; I felt more ‘middle-aged’ than ‘million dollars’.

Considering I have a long list of heel-related injuries (killer heels did not get their name for nothing) the kitten heel would seem a sensible option for me to adopt. Yet the very purpose of a heel is to lengthen legs and define calves and the kitten heel fails on both counts; far from purrfect. Despite my aversion, the 5cm heel has always had a following of fans ever since its first appearance in the 1950s. Audrey Hepburn can be noted as the heels greatest ambassador and Michelle Obama has made the kitten heel a staple feature of her look today.  Moreover, with designers such as Marni, Betty Jackson, and Missoni welcoming the heel back to the catwalk this season, it seems that like it or not, we will be seeing more of the smaller heel around.

So, the question is: will you be reviving the heel of the 50’s this winter, or staying loyal to your 5 inch favourites? I know what I’ll be doing.


If you haven't already, there is no better time than the present to rummage amongst your sock drawer and pull out your favourite pair. Whether the idea thrills you or sends a shiver down your spine; it is time to pull your socks up and embrace the socks-and-shoes trend.

A key feature in the Spring/Summer 2010 catwalks, ankle-socks and knee-highs are keeping a grip of ankles for the cold winter months too. If you're doubtful, look no further than fashion favourites Alexa Chung, Fearne Cotton, and Florence Welch to learn how to effortlessy carry off the look.

If, unlike Alexa and co., you are not blessed with never-ending pins, you can ensure your legs don’t look shortened further by sticking to mid-calf socks and finer fabrics that don't bunch too much at the ankles. On the other hand (or foot; in this case), a low-sitting ankle sock will also ensure your legs look long and lean.

Six socks tips:
  • Use a pair of socks to inject a pop of colour in your outfit.
  • Team ankle or mid-calf socks with boy-ish brogues and lace-up oxfords for a feminine twist and geek-chic look. 
  • Team cosy wool knit socks with lace-up winter boots for an ultimate autumn country look.
  • Bring a pair of brown wedges or summer clogs up-to-date by teaming them with grey socks. As a general rule: pair marl grey with lighter browns/tans, and charcoal grey with dark/chocolate browns.
  • Take inspiration from Dior and pair sparkly ankle socks with heels for instant night-time glamour.
  • If you don't fancy braving the icy weather, wear your socks over the bottom of casual, tapered trousers.

Who rocks the socks?:

Topshop - basics, from £3; fancy, £6-£7; over-the-knee, £6 (0845 121 4519; )

Jonathan Aston - plain cotton, from £3.50 (0127 723 201; )

Falke - wool/cotton, from £8 pair ( )