Thursday, 25 August 2011


As much as I would love to cling on to the 'student' title for at least another year, I graduated last month and have waved goodbye to my amazing student days. With this, I have also waved goodbye (with tears in my eyes) to Student Discount; and whilst I know deep down that I am no longer entitled to it, I can't seem to shake the instinctive deducting of 10% whilst browsing around my regular haunts of Urban Outfitters and Topshop. The "oh it's £60....but only £54 with Student Discount!" days are gone.  That pretty dress really is now £60 and those shoes that are essential for your weekend really are £75.

No budging.
No -10%.

As if this cruel jolt back in to the real world of paying full price wasn't bad enough, the real kick in the teeth then comes at the till when I still get asked if I have student discount. The perk of paying less is not the only element of being a student I miss. I miss my independence of living away from home and my amazing, not-so-normal housemates who made my three years living in Manchester unforgettable. I miss the 30 second walk to the cocktail bar at the end of my road and stepping over 'Crazy Bus Lady' on the occasional times that she fell asleep in our doorway.

I miss Manchester in general and whilst being back at home with no bills, no nightmare neighbours, and most importantly... no rodent lodgers is nice for a short time; it's wearing thin. It appears that returning to live with your parents after 3 years away is no easy task.

My housemate and I formed a plan upon leaving Uni; we agreed to both look for jobs in Manchester and live together if successful. Although that idea may look bleak at the moment with no success on the job hunt, I am still standing by it. I am determined to find a job and move back to Manchester as soon as possible. Plus, the satisfaction of earning a wage would soon heal the pain of no more student discount!

So, my POA for today: apply, apply, and apply some more for jobs in Manchester! Wish me luck.

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