Thursday, 25 August 2011

Model Mondays

My Monday evenings are always brightened up with a weekly dosage of Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model (BINTM). With the fabulous clothes, gorgeous Elle, testing photoshoots, bitchy contestants and Julien's hilarious quips and one-liners "She's going to be crying tonight, poor cow", what's not to love?

This week was a double eviction and I was glad to see Amy and Holly leave the competition. It was becoming increasingly uncomfortable watching Amy's photoshoots and when she interviewed The Wanted in the last episode, and called them 'The Wanting', I had to mute the television because of the cringe-factor. I was literally hiding behind a cushion for her... poor cow.

Next for the firing line in my opinion should be Tanya. I would not allow her to be Britain's Next Top Model purely for the awful tattoos she has plastered across every limb of her body. Also, that bowl hair-cut she's been given is shocking!

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